Pre-Rolled - Alpen Gleaux Pre-Rolled - Alpen Gleaux
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Pre-Rolled - Alpen Gleaux

Alpen Gleaux has found popularity for its distinct purple and orange buds, with a loud, pungent aroma of citrus candy. If you’re looking for a hybrid that relaxes your mind while tackling bodily discomfort, Alpen Gleaux is the one for you!

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Conveniently filled with 1 gram of organic Alpen Gleaux flower


Cannabinoids 16.73%

<0.03% D9 THC

Indoor Grown




Tension relief



     Alpen Gleaux looks and acts like no other! This strain grows in large, dark buds of a deep purple, complemented by pops of bright orange pistols. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also is incredibly pungent. You can’t escape the loud aroma of sweet, citrus coming from her high levels of natural terpenes. The most prominent terpene in this flower is myrcene, which works as a natural anti-inflammatory, one of the many reasons Alpen Gleaux is great for helping pain, muscle tension, and bodily discomfort. Alpen Gleaux is an indica dominant hybrid, and is said by many to give off the most amazing hybrid experience, meaning it's able to bring you balance and a relaxing chill, without affecting your overall energy levels and productivity. Try Alpen Gleaux today and experience a unique buzz for both your mind and body!

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