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Cannabis flower is raw and unprocessed, it still contains essential terpenes and compounds that alter the effect on the user. This network of different cannabinoids working together is called 'The Entourage Effect', where each individual cannabis molecule plays into the ultimate feeling or outcome of consumption. Sativa strains are bred and tested for higher concentrations of energizing and stimulating compounds, making it an incredible ally for those who desire increased creativity, focus, and energy. Sativa strains tend to have more of a cerebral effect, pairing perfectly for users who experience anxiety, mild depression, or ADHD. Sativa strains are best suited for daytime use, because they are less likely to interfere with daily activities. Instead, they actually enhance them! Sativa's can be the burst of creativity and energy that propels you through a hectic workday, or just the comforting hug of security that eases tension and anxiety. Clients diagnosed with ADHD have noted increases in their ability to perform tasks with less distractive tendencies. All in all, Sativa strains can be your best friend when it comes to big projects and task lists. 

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CBD Flower: Sour Diesel 34.13%

Sour Diesel is an amazing flower for its Anti Stress and Anxiety uplifting effects but relaxing affects. A new customer favorite with her sour, Cheesy, fruity aromas and beautiful buds.


CBD Flower: Special Sauce 28.47%

Cross between a specific phenotype of the original special sauce with Early Berry Resin. It has a berry flavor with hints of cinnamon. This exhilarating strain is mentally clarifying and helps relieve pain related to inflammation.


CBD Flower: Sour Space Candy 30.17%

Cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Berry Resin. It has a sweet and pungent flavor that lingers. Smoking this strain will elevate you improving your mood all around.