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Cannabis flower is raw and unprocessed, it still contains essential terpenes and compounds that alter the effect on the user. This network of different cannabinoids working together is called 'The Entourage Effect', where each individual cannabis molecule plays into the ultimate feeling or outcome of consumption. Indica Strains contain compounds that are geared more towards severe pain, insomnia, and deep relaxation. They tend to be sedative, and can interfere with accomplishing certain tasks as the user will feel like laying down, watching a movie, and just relaxing. For this reason, Indica strains are best suited for users who need relief at the end of the day.

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CBD Flower: Alpen Gleaux 31.17%

Alpen Gleaux has found popularity for its distinct purple and orange buds, with a loud, pungent aroma of citrus candy. If you’re looking for a Indica that relaxes your mind while tackling bodily discomfort, Alpen Gleaux is the one for you!