CBD Flower: Jet Fuel OG

Don’t be fooled by her light, sweet aromas of cypress and basil, this strain packs a punch! Strong enough to lift your mood, it will chill your body without running out your energy. Give your motors some Jet Fuel OG!
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Cannabinoids 32.65%

<0.03% D9 THC

Greenhouse Grown





Mood balance


Jet Fuel OG, it’s definitely in the name. She’ll get you perked up and sharp as a tack! The mood boost is a great way for anxious users to feel weaker without the shaky jitters of coffee. The perfect strain for those looking for a cup of coffee they could smoke. All this plus her intriguing hints of sweet basil, green leaves, and cypress, talk about the perfect buzz!

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Health CBD Organics: Jet Fuel CBD Flower COA

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